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Food Safety Compliance System (FSCS)

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Our Food Safety Compliance System (FSCS)


The FSCS System aggregates all Federal, State and Local regulations for Food Safety into a single seamless easy to use, management control system.  It provides a suite of risk tools and modern risk-based methodologies to build food safety operating procedures to manage, measure and control all aspects for advanced food safety.  These advanced methodologies utilize new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), to deliver risk-based hazard analyses required by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The AI uses the FSCS event and actions data compiled and captured by the FSCS to mitigate risks by alerting when preventive controls are needed.  This advanced analytical infrastructure and capability facilitates proactive action to change from current legacy food safety processes into a new, more rigorous advanced food safety standards or operating policies and procedures (SOP's).


The FSCS System further helps grocers to design, build and automate FSMA compliant food safety plans.  This includes documenting and implementing food safety events, recalls and corrective/preventive actions.  The FSCS is the FSMA food safety plan and keeps required rigorous record keeping of every food safety detail.  The FSCS enables complete management and administration of evolutionary changes from past food safety legacy and manual processes to new FSMA risk-based and science-based ones.   This includes integrating all events, audits, assessments, inspections, training courses, curricula development, process design, activity schedules and communications.  The FSCS is the technology bridge to an advanced food safety culture in your company.


The FSCS integrated Natural Language Processor (NLP) reduces legislative confusion.  It uses language recognition tools to interpret and manage legal changes.  The highlighted color-based text saves legal and operational practitioners time by simplifying regulatory changes.  It interrogates text for key words to make lists of changes without having to read every word to find these changes.


New technologies like Fresh Item Management (FIM) and the Internet-of-things (IoT) provide new efficiencies by automating actions and integrating devices to increase preventive controls.  The FSCS' robust risk management system assesses the cost and benefits of these investments and then tracks the implementation and work to ensure those benefits are achieved and sustained.  It is not enough to just implement a food safety plan.  It is critical to monitor its success and challenges with documented compliance activities.


Evangelists for Implementing New Fresh Category Technologies


As retail Fresh Item Management (FIM) consultants, we saw a need for a grocery industry focused Food Safety Compliance System (FSCS).  So in early 2017 we built one based on a modern Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform and solution.   The architecture is an easy-to-implement cloud-based, sustainable technology that provides a high Return on Investment (ROI)This technology isolates your food safety initiative away from Enterprise transaction (PCI) security concerns and vulnerabilities.  It allows for quick implementation and uses its own rigorous compliance tools to extract current food safety processes, assess them for gaps with new emerging best practices and regulations.  It then uses its compliance assets to implement Advanced Food Safety.  This gives senior executive leadership peace-of-mind and the confidence that advanced food safety is feasible without large scale multi-year IT investments, projects and costs.   Best of all, is that once in place, the FSCS helps evolve ever increasing control, savings and automation, as it hones your food safety plan into a differentiating brand value for you shoppers.


Our Vision and Value Proposition


Our value proposition is our experience with retail systems technologies.  We like to say we have "Sat in your chair" experience and that our executives and consultants have "Been-there, done-that." For example, our recent extensive Fresh Item Management (FIM) consulting experiences provides us the knowledge and confidence to assist retailers to modernize fresh category operations and implement advanced food safety.  Our experience enables us to demonstrate to clients that they can modernize food safety -- at a fraction of the cost of current legacy fresh category methods.





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