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We are experienced and knowledgeable retail industry executive consultants and technologists that have served the retail sector with technology supply and implementation.  Our past clients include Fortune 50 companies and small chains.    The principals of our company have over 150-years of service to our industry and are often the catalysts for technology innovation.


Most recently we have focused on a niche market in Fresh Item Management (FIM).  FIM is the technology equivalent of Point of Sale (POS) -- except its focus is in fresh category in-store production.  It is a Point of Production(POP) suite of of applications, from several vendors, or developed in-house that manage every aspect work in perimeter fresh departments.


POP is critical to grocery stores keeping fresh in the store.  It is a foundational platform of automation that captures data required to modernize and optimize fresh categories.  We have heard of new devices becoming smarter and providing an Internet-of-things (IoT) with tremendous automation.  IoT provides exciting real-time device and data integration.  This integration is crucial for our industry to take advantage of new  Artificial Intelligence (AI).  AI systems are starting to proliferate the IT world and currently help us drive our cars, operate on patients and manage details in just about every business -- including the retail sector. 


The time is NOW to fully implement FIM to position for a robust AI world of automation in grocery stores.  EITHER DO THIS OR START PLANNING FOR YOUR STORES DEMISE AS THE WORLD BECOMES AUTOMATED!


Evangelists for Implementing New Fresh Category Technologies


As retail Fresh Item Management (FIM) consultants, we saw a need for a grocery industry to focus on increasing compliance of fresh item production.  Compliance in fresh means abandoning legacy work methods in fresh categories and adopting new real-time technology innovation.  Retail operations are intensely competitive and increasingly more complex.  These two factors create a need to innovate to sustain operations.  Grocers must increase worker ability to perform at higher levels and ensure they comply with new tools to facilitate compliance to regulatory and operational needs.  These tools must help them abandon labor-based operational paradigms and adopt process-based and technology-based methods to ensure that the right product is produced at the right time, for the right shopper and at the best possible cost.  That means store-based distributed decision making with required controls that guide those productions and measure everything to ensure the worker makes the smartest decision.


Our Evolution, Vision and Value Proposition


As FIM consultants our clients challenged us to help them get control of fresh category regulatory enactments.  They needed help to wade through a constantly changing Federal, State and Regulatory landscape.  After attempting to meet this need with our own legacy processes, we realized that it is impossible in today's modern world to manage the complexity and changes without modern tools.  We started our own evolution by building a partnership with a Health Safety and Environment (HSE) company in Houston, Texas called HSE.  That experienced company provides us today with a strategic and tactical capability to help our clients using cloud-based technology systems, platforms and services.  Today, we provide not only the consulting, but also umbrella compliance solutions to manage multiple retail compliance areas.  Examples include Food Safety Compliance, FIM Systems Compliance, HR and Workplace Safety Compliance, PCI Compliance, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), to name a few.  Our value proposition is our experience in retail technologies.  We like to say we have "Sat in your chair" experience!  That experience provides us with insights to be original thinkers and strategists for change.  Our ideas help our clients beat and exceed traditionalist views with cost effective change.

"Mastery is great, but not enough. You have to be able to change course without a bead of sweat, or remorse."

-- Tom Peters - "Thriving on Chaos - A HANDBOOK FOR A MANAGEMENT REVOLUTION"





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